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Who is Laurian Club Designed For?

Membership in Laurian Club is a good fit for a wide range of personalities from serious investors and luxury vagabonds who want to spend their money well. We’ve outlined a couple of categories of Members who will find that Laurian is a luxury real estate investment that works for them. 

Second Home Buyers

Most envision that buying a second home equates to having a stress-free, private getaway at their favorite spot ready and waiting. They soon discover it actually creates a burdened sense of responsibility due to financial obligations, maintenance and management issues, and a sense of obligation to use the house for every vacation; tying them to that single location year after year.

Once an absentee owner arrives at their second home, there’s always work to be done. Something the property manager missed, something broken, something leaking, dead bugs, stale linens, and nothing fresh in the kitchen. The first day(s) can be wasted just getting things ready. And all of those broken and leaking things cast money. There’s no way to predict what your annual maintenance expenses will be.

Laurian Club solves all of that. Each Laurian property and partner home (over 100 locations to choose from) is always ready, always clean, always fresh, and always stocked with the basics you need. Everything is covered by a set annual operating fee so you can budget your expenses for the year with no surprises.

Leisure Travelers

With recent events, the way we think about travel has changed. There’s  a need to have a greater sense of control of our environments in order to feel safe and comfortable. As guests in a  hotel or rental, we have no say in how things are done and no knowledge of who’s been in our room before us. You’re never really sure what you’re going to get in terms of standards, service, and style. As owners, we can prescribe the cleaning standards, limit access to a trusted group of people, and outfit properties with needed tech capabilities and luxury amenities that suit our lifestyles.

From a financial perspective, money spent on hotels and rentals increases someone else’s wealth; it’s a total loss for the traveler. Laurian is a travel investment. You can cover your travel expenses with income from the rental portfolio and reimburse your initial capital contribution with profit from the sales of properties; for about the same amount the average luxury traveler spends in a year.

Relocated / Remote / Mobile Workforce

As employees took advantage of work-from-home opportunities and cut their business travel back to a bare minimum, there was a disconnect from colleagues and customers, and a loss of  the advantages that in-person client communication and workplace influence provides. Having a foothold in the city (or all of your cities) can help maintain your business presence, connect with your coworkers, and give your clients the attention they need. 

That said, no one wants to be in and out of hotels and rentals on a regular basis. There’s a high level of variability in quality, maintenance, cleanliness, standards, and décor in both hotels and rental homes. They lack the exclusivity, privacy, security, and the freedom to use the property however you need to that’s provided by a privately-owned residence. 

Laurian properties belong to the investors. Have a business meeting or host a client dinner party. Utilize the home office in total quiet, or unwind with a signature cocktail and a luxury entertainment system. All in a property that you own and you know is cared for by a professional team that has your best interest at the core of everything they do.

Wondering about your corporate travel allowance? We can invoice the market rate of your stay and deduct your payment from your annual dues. For you digital nomads, think about all of the money you spend on rooms. You could be converting that into investment capital and building wealth while you travel.

Corporate Travelers

It’s important that you and your team are able to build relationships, nurture clients, and close deals in person. Appearances matter, and it can be costly to provide high quality accommodations for your team and luxury spaces for client meetings. In addition there can be privacy and security issues with public spaces and hotels. Having a private luxury home in over a dozen locations where you do business and entertain clients is an opportunity that can be missed.

Laurian Club Residences can be extended to your executive team or offered to VIP clients while your staffers can utilize the rental properties and clubhouses. Any money spent on accommodations in Laurian properties that you own is money invested back into you and your company. Depending on your use, the investment may pay for itself and earn a profit. Ask us about multiple unit discounts and associate bundles to further reduce your cost and increase your return.

You may find yourself in one of these situations or you may have a unique mix of wants and needs. Please reach out if you’d like to know how Laurian could be exactly what you’re looking for.


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