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Flat Six Fest : The Concours Club Pioneers a New Era of Motorsports Clubs

The Concours Club in Miami, an exclusive venue dedicated to luxury automobiles, has captured the imagination of enthusiasts and is redefining the standard for private driving clubs. The Flat 6 Fest serves as a testament to the Concours Club’s unwavering commitment to providing a unique and unparalleled experience to its members.

This extraordinary event brings together automotive aficionados, industry insiders, and high-profile personalities in a celebration of performance and luxury. At the heart of the Flat 6 Fest is the recognition that a motorsports club should be more than just a collection of exotic cars. The Concours Club has taken this idea to new heights by curating an immersive experience that combines a luxury automotive showcase with thrilling on-track activities.

The flat-six engine has a strong association with the iconic Porsche 911, a rear-engined sports car that has been exclusively powered by flat-six engines since 1963. Originally, these engines were air-cooled until Porsche made the transition to water-cooled engines in 1999. In recent years, air-cooled Porsches have become the most collectable and sought-after models and have developed a cult-like following of enthusiasts.

For car enthusiasts, the Flat 6 Fest is a dream come true. With high-performance driving experiences and track sessions, members can test the limits of their vehicles and embrace the adrenaline rush that accompanies pushing their cars to the edge. Beyond track activities, The Concours Club provides a luxurious backdrop for socializing and networking.

The idea of quality over convention was central  to founder Neil Gehani’s vision for the space, which is located within the Miami Opa Locka Executive Airport, a short drive from Miami’s city center. The Сoncours Club members can take their vehicles out on the club’s state of the art racetrack, invite friends and family over for gourmet dinner by renowned chef Bard Kilgore, and be back in Miami’s city center in a matter of minutes. The club is also conveniently located near two private airports, making it easy for out of state members to enjoy a short getaway to the track.

As the Flat 6 Fest gains momentum, it is cementing the Concours Club’s position as a trailblazer in the automotive club scene. By reimagining the concept of a motorsports club, the Concours Club has showcased how a club can transcend traditional boundaries and become a catalyst for innovation and passion within the automotive industry.

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