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What makes real estate a good investment?

What makes real estate a good investment?

Real estate can offer several advantages over other types of investments, including higher returns, market stability, inflation hedging, diversification, capital preservation, and supplemental income. Traditional options for investment are to become a passive investor: investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs) or real estate exchange-traded funds (RE ETFs), which offer no use privileges or tax benefits; OR to become an active investor: flipping, holding and renting, or investing in a second home for personal use, all of which require a substantial ongoing commitment of time and resources.

Laurian Equity Residence Club presents an opportunity to be a passive investor, earn income, realize appreciation, and use the properties; all fully serviced, managed and maintained. It’s a good choice for those looking to co-own a second home or vacation property in any of our Laurian Club cities: Austin, Charleston, Georgetown, Hale’iwa,  Hamptons, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Napa, New York, Palm Springs, Park City, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Taos.

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