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Alamo Springs

Top 3 Driving Roads of Texas Hill County

When our Laurian Club members need an escape from Austin, they need only to hit the open road and venture to hill country. We like to pack our hiking gear in the car and head towards Fredericksburg to take in the beautiful landscapes and local wineries. There are some amazing driving roads left out there. Here are some favorites:


Route 1:  Ranch Road 965

Ranch Road 965

This route is a staple for the hiking and climbing community in Fredericksburg. It’s 25.5 miles long and has an estimated travel time of 32 minutes- if you go the speed limit. The road is well maintained and full of quick turns to get any driving enthusiast’s adrenaline pumping. For the driver who is more interested in the scenery, they wouldn’t be disappointed at all;  as large hills and picturesque valleys abound.

The three notable attractions while traveling this route are:

  • Cross Mountain Park
  • Enchanted Rock State Park
  • Pioneer Museum


Route 2:  Willow City Loop


The Willow City loop is a great road for spring.  It’s 29 miles long with a meandering travel time of 54 minutes. Bluebonnets and wildflowers line the road and dot the vistas in all directions.“

The three notable attractions while traveling this route are:

  • Marktplatz
  • Rockbox Theater
  • Rustlin’ Rob’s Texas Gourmet Foods


Route 3: Alamo Springs


Alamo springs driving route has it all; scenic roads, wonderful food, and bats. The route is 13.9 miles long with an estimated travel time of 24 minutes. Once you get off Highway 290, the first thing you’ll find yourself on is Old San Antonio Road. A smooth layer of tarmac covered with valleys and natural stone walls one after the other. After crossing this beautiful road you’ll find yourself in Alamo Springs where there will be a sight of bats at Old Tunnel State Park and further down the road you’ll find Alamo Springs Café.

The three notable attractions while crossing this route are:

  • Old Tunnel State Park
  • Fort Martin Scott
  • National Museum of the Pacific War


Bonus Route: Ranch Road 965 and Willow City Loop combined

Ranch 965 to Willow City loop

If you want to take the best scenic route possible, we suggest you do these two combined. It is a perfect mix of what the Austin area driving community is looking for. The route has a combined length of 58.6 miles and an estimated time of 1 hour 29 minutes, and the scenery and roads are worth it! 


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