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ARK invests in St. Petersburg

Via: Catalyst St. Pete / Veronica Brezina

New York-based ARK Investment Management LLC, an investment adviser focused solely on investing in disruptive innovation, will relocate its corporate headquarters to St. Petersburg and will also take part in building an incubator.

ARK, spearheaded by iconic investor Cathie Wood, will open its new corporate headquarters in downtown St. Pete at 200 Central, which is where the Industrious co-working space is located. The relocation will become effective Nov. 1.

In addition to the HQ relocation, ARK is collaborating with the Tampa Bay Innovation Center on the new incubator that Pinellas County will build and own. The new name of the building will be ARK Innovation Center. It’s scheduled to open in July 2023 and will be at 4th Street and 11th Ave. South in the Innovation District.

Construction for the 45,000-square-foot ARK Innovation Center will take place in the first quarter of 2022, according to the company’s announcement on Wednesday. The Tampa Bay Innovation Center will continue to operate the building.

“We are thrilled to relocate our corporate headquarters to St. Petersburg, Florida, as we believe the Tampa Bay region’s talent, innovative spirit, and quality of life will accelerate our growth initiatives,” Wood, ARK’s Founder, CEO and CIO stated in the company’s announcement. “ARK is not a traditional Wall Street asset management firm, and we are looking forward to breaking the mold further by relocating to St. Petersburg, a city investing in technology, science, and innovation. Our relocation and the ARK Innovation Center will allow us to be more innovative and to impact the broader community while shining a spotlight on the technological advances and creativity permeating the Tampa Bay region.”

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